Tomorrow Might Never Come

Andrea Huls
Jan 18, 2021


Our lives are but a whisper

Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash

Last night, I looked up to the sky

Searching for stars, searching for truth

The stars I saw are long gone

One day, our star will no longer shine

Our time in the universe is only but a sigh

One day, we will disappear

If our life is only but a beat,

what does it all mean?

Everything we treasure won’t last forever.

Everything ends

Time only moves forward

The lucky ones get to age

Today could be my last day

The now is all there is

What will I do with the now?

Will I worry, or will I live?

Tomorrow might never come

We are like the stars in the sky

Our fire will die out

Before that happens, burn

Burn brightly

Tomorrow might never come

All you have is now.



Andrea Huls

Writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, feminist, mother, and much more.