There’s a South Park episode called «Britney’s New Look» (s12e2). You may like the show, or you may not, but it’s truly on point. It aired in 2008 and was eye-opening.

American pop culture builds young women up to tear them down. The more privacy and respect these women ask for, the more the world wants from them. Some names that come to mind include Kristen Steward and Miley Cyrus.

Some people act as if famous female artists owe them something. There’s little to no empathy.

We hold famous and talented women to impossible standards, and sadly some enjoy when they go through difficulties.

We’re sold cruelty disguised as entertainment.

We, as consumers, have a responsibility too. We can avoid trashy magazines and stop clicking on their online articles. As consumers, we can demand content that isn’t about dehumanizing women.

As fans, we could respect when celebrities ask for privacy. Recently, Millie Bobby Brown opened up about a fan who wouldn’t stop filming her with their phone. Brown repeatedly asked her fan to please not film her. The fan did not care. Let's not forget the actress is a minor, and even if she wasn’t, this is plain wrong.

Why do we enjoy the pain of female celebrities? Is it because they’re famous? What do we gain from their suffering?

I don’t know, but clearly, enough people are «addicted» to seeing women unravel publicly.

Writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, feminist, mother, and much more.

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