I was just talking about this with a friend the other day. Women are not allowed to show anger.

When I was younger, I remember being called out for expressing my anger. I was taught to suppress it. Family used to tell me, "No one wants to see an angry girl".

When women show anger, we're told we're too emotional, hysterical, dramatic. But men express their anger all the time. Granted, it is one of the few emotions men are allowed to show without their masculinity being questioned.

I hate confrontation. I get flustered. I dislike conflict. But, there have been occasions when swallowing my anger and avoiding voicing my feelings did more damage. Because the anger stayed with me, simmering. And, when I had enough I blew up.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I hear you and see you!

As women, we have to give ourselves permission to show our anger and not apologize for feeling a valid emotion.

Writer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, feminist, mother, and much more.

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