Gilda! I feel that more people might have this "unpopular" take, but have not dared to share it out of fear of being called racist. I noticed on social media that anyone who dared to say anything remotely critical about the former royals would immediately face a wave of online hate.

I have nothing against Harry and Meghan, and if anything, I can't imagine what it must have been like for Harry losing his mother so young.

The British press is awful, and they haunted Diana and her children. They followed her every time she picked up or dropped off William and Harry from school. There's no denying that they were awful to Meghan, too.

The Queen and the Royals represent an institution, not themselves. Harry and Meghan were expected to perform a job, and as you write, it seems that the job did not meet her expectations.

In their position as Royals, they could have done a lot of good, in the same way Diana did. She changed how the public perceived HIV, for example.

In any case, I enjoyed reading your perspective!

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