Do you want to become a UX writer?

Andrea Huls
3 min readFeb 28, 2021

UX writers craft copy that makes a user's journey simple

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What is UX writing to begin with?

UX writing is about creating copy that guides the user while interacting with a product or service.

Sounds simple enough, right? Coming up with creative, concise, and practical copy is not that easy.

How many times have you left an app or site because you weren't sure about the next step?

UX writers study and analyze how a user behaves while navigating software. They craft microcopy that improves their overall experience.

Furthermore, UX writers contribute to establishing the style and tone of the company or brand.

UX writing focuses on the user.

A UX writer has to put themselves in the user's shoes. They have to research, test their hypothesis, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

One of the main goals is to communicate effectively in a few words and assist the user in completing their desired action.

A beautiful design is pointless if the user doesn’t know what they need to do.

Copy should seamlessly fit the design, and the ultimate goal is to make the user’s life simpler.

At times, writers get attached to the content they create. You can’t get attached to your words in UX writing. Your loyalty is to the user.

Who can be a UX writer?

You don’t necessarily have to have had a career in writing to create software copy. A passion for technology, research, and problem-solving is a good start.

With a background in journalism, I thought that transitioning to UX writing would be simple. One of my challenges was to look at words with fresh eyes.

If you’re a writer, you’ll have to think about useful and practical writing instead of crafting clever sentences.

Even though I’m a writer, I don’t think you have to be one to become a UX writer. Coming up with copy is one aspect of this role.



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