Abusers strip their partners from self-esteem. Their constant insults weaken their confidence.

Something women are often faced with is not being able to prove they are in an abusive relationship. Alex is told by her lawyer she needs someone to testify that Sean exerted verbal violence and intimidation.

I live in Spain, and many victims of abuse go to the police and the police do absolutely nothing. They say to these victims that they cannot prove they’re being psychologically abused.

Emotional abuse is hard to prove in court and outside of it.

Furthermore, a lot of abusers behave a certain way in public and with colleagues and friends. But behind closed doors, their true, angry selves come out to lash out.

Abusers, often, have also been victims of abuse and never learned to deal with their trauma. Abuse is all they know.

I’m glad this story is reaching millions of households because most of us are unaware of the challenges faced by survivors.

In Spain this year alone 67 women have been killed by their husbands. Many tried to leave but received no help or support.

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