The devil is in the brevity.

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What is microcopy?

You find microcopy in every app you use. Each time you make an online purchase, you are reading microcopy.

Microcopy is the text designed to help users complete actions on sites or applications.

If done well, it makes the user's journey smooth, establishes the brand's voice, and builds trust.

How to write great microcopy?

You need to know one important thing when writing microcopy: if it's not helping the user, it doesn't need to be there.

Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with tiny bits of copy:

  1. Aim for conciseness and…

UX writers craft copy that makes a user's journey simple

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What is UX writing to begin with?

UX writing is about creating copy that guides the user while interacting with a product or service.

Sounds simple enough, right? Coming up with creative, concise, and practical copy is not that easy.

How many times have you left an app or site because you weren't sure about the next step?

UX writers study and analyze how a user behaves while navigating software. They craft microcopy that improves their overall experience.

Furthermore, UX writers contribute to establishing the style and tone of the…

A skill worth cultivating

Two women having a conversation at work
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Active listening can positively impact your relationships at work, and it could help you achieve several short and long-term goals.

Since becoming a mom, I've been reading about positive discipline and the importance of being present. Many experts encourage parents to practice active listening to deal with difficult situations positively and constructively.

Active listening is about connecting, paying attention, being present, and empathizing.

I began to think about how active listening is an essential life skill worth cultivating and practicing in all relationships and environments.

Learning to listen actively can lead to:

  • a productive exchange of ideas
  • finding creative solutions

Both wonderful and exhausting

Father and son. Photo by: Andrea Huls

I knew parenting would be difficult. However, I had no idea just how difficult until I became a mom in December 2019.

If you’re thinking about having kids, I’m here to share the good and the bad of parenting in the first year.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first.

Yes, postpartum is tough.

After giving birth, all women go through postpartum. It’s a challenging period.

I was glad everything went well during labor and that my baby boy was healthy. Yet, my body hurt. My hormones were all over the place. I cried a lot during my early weeks as a mom.

It took a while…

How can a broken person be a parent?

My son has fallen asleep at last. It’s 22:37, and I’ve been up since six o’clock in the morning. He has a ton of energy and curiosity, which keeps me busy. I watch as his chest rises and falls and am mesmerized at the sight of him. I’m exhausted, but my heart feels full. A few years ago, however, I didn’t think I was capable of being a mother. I was afraid to be one.

Where to start?

I was worried I would pass on my issues.

I was afraid I would reproduce destructive patterns.

I was concerned that I…

An essential read for everyone, and I genuinely mean EVERYONE.

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Nimko Ali's book "What We're Told Not To Talk About (But We're Going To Anyway)" is a powerful tribute to women and our bodies.

It's a brave book that tells the stories of 42 incredible women and their unique experiences.

Everyone should read this book.

As a woman, if you read Ali's work, you'll feel inspired and empowered. But as a man, you might be able to grasp what it's like for women to live in a world designed to suppress us and control us.

What is Nimko Ali's Book About?

Ali writes about our first…

If I had known then what I know now…

People in our lives play a significant role in shaping how we see ourselves.

When we're young and impressionable, we look up to the adults around us to model our behavior. Our parents, grandparents, teachers, uncles, aunts, and family friends contribute to the identities we create.

If, for instance, you're often told that you are dumb or ugly, you grow up believing those things. They end up becoming part of how you define yourself.

When I was little, I had people who believed in me. I had people who encouraged me…

Hi Gina,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience.

I genuinely believe that most parents do the best they can with the resources and knowledge they have.

Our parents didn't know about the things we know now. They had different challenges than we do. Currently, we have a lot of research that demonstrates the lasting impact of any form of abuse.

But, besides the data, I'm also focused on the stories I hear from people who were harshly disciplined.

The point I want to get across is that we can learn to react and handle situations without using spanking as a resource. That's all.

I'm glad you have a good relationship with your parents. It's the first relationship we have with another human being.

I'm not here to judge. I'm here to make a case for the tiny humans who look up to us.

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I'm a mom, and yes, I get frustrated with my child too. I get it. Parenting is hard. Really hard. And many of us work a full-time job, take care of the house, run errands, and more.

However, no matter what your child is doing, spanking isn't going to solve the issue. It's only going to make it worse.

You might think that a spank won’t hurt. Maybe that's how your parents raised you. …

Tailoring copy to a sports fan

legs kicking a football
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For my next UX Writers Collective challenge, I have to create content tailored to a sports fan.

Challenge Day 2 Assignment

Scenario: A user is a working parent and a big sports fan amid their favorite sports season who can no longer attend games.

Challenge: Write a promotional screen for an app that lets a user choose teams, sends game reminders, real-time score updates, and highlight videos.

Headline: 40 characters max

Body: 175 characters max

Button(s): 25 characters max

My thought process

I love playing sports, but I don’t watch sports, except for the World Cup or gymnastics during the Olympics.

Andrea Huls

Writer. Creative artist. Photographer. Feminist.

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